Spiritual Awakening Course  

Whatever your religion or spiritual practice might be, Nepal has the type of vibe that crosses across all denominations. It might be the simplicity in which most of the citizens choose to live, following the belief that material possessions serve as baggage to your journey or the high altitude full of thick fog, cool air, and cliffside treks, that add to its appeal. Whatever the case, many have been known to flock Nepal in search of some clarity. Some believers think, of course, that they’ve commercialized this experience through the years in the same way that the Amazon has become famous, or infamous, for their Ayahuasca tours. However, this doesn’t stop a good number of Westerners, mostly, from staying in Nepal to have that eluded spiritual enlightenment. If you’ve been looking for this type of experience too, here are a couple of places that you might want to start with in your search for nirvana, clarity, whatever you want to call it:    

Spiritual Awakening Course, Shamanism  is a great mental and emotional adventure, one in which the patient as well as the Shaman-healer are involved. Through his heroic journey and efforts, the shaman helps his patients transcend their normal, ordinary definition of reality, including the definition of themselves as ill.

Spiritual Awakening Course helps you understand Shamans themselves have formulated these  com- prehensive  ranges  of  causes  and  consequences,  pre- serving  and  transmitting  them  within  extensive repertories  oral  texts.  The meticulous memorization of these texts constitutes the core  of shamanic  training.  An apprentice must  devote  years  of  study  to mastering  this  material  before  he can  fully  practice. By learning  these  texts,  shamans  acquire  the  knowledge necessary  to practice  trance from ordinary subconscious state to shamanic subconscious state and mediate with spirit.

In the Shamanism State of Consciousness (SCC), the shaman typically experiences an ineffable joy in which he sees, an awe of the beautiful and mysterious worlds that open before him. His experiences are like dreams, but waking ones that feel real and in which he can control his actions and direct his adventures. While in the SSC, he is often amazed by the reality of that which is presented. He gains access to a whole new, and yet familiarly ancient universe that provides him with profound information about the meaning of his own life and death and his place win the totality of all existence. During his great adventures in SCC, he maintains conscious control over the direction of his travels, but does not know what he will discover. He is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansion of magnificent hidden universe. Finally, he brings back his discoveries to build his knowledge to help other.

The Basic Introductory Course covers theoretical studies and practical exercises following subject matters. The dedication and enthusiasm of learner is the most to master on these following topics:

  • History and Cosmology of Shamanism
  • Sacred Mantras, Yantras, Tantras and Mudras
  • Shamanic Tools, Equipment and Objects of Power and Healing
  • The Power  and Vision of Shaman
  • Guardian Animals
  • Spirit & Deity Possession
  • Shamanic Journeys with Drumming & Trance
  • Healing Techniques
  • Rituals and Ceremonies

The course is divided into two sections theory and the practical. In the morning the theoretical part  are taught and, in the afternoon, the practical part. During the practical learning section, the student will learn to drum the sacred beats and rhythms. These instrument and the beats sung with mantras help to poses the spirits or deities onto the body. It takes at least seven days to a month to learn introductory course and get familiar to shamanic ritual and power. For more details about the introductory couse feel free to contact us.

Note: We provide accommodation, meals and training from the Shaman during the learning and practising phase. We are also having workshop, ceremonies and individual healing across Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and South America…