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For ages, people have used peaceful sounds to help contemplate, relax or even sleep. Audio therapy, the healing exercise used in many ancient cultures, takes this healing goes a step further, using waves. Also,Singing Bowl retreats aids to potentially cure personal aches and pains, reduce tension or other mental and emotional issues. It is also believed to ease blockage of the chakras, or the force levels in the structure. 

Singing bowls are also known as Himalayan bowls.  Singing Bowls were mostly most often used in yoga, medication, sound healing and religious ritual. In the Buddhist doctrine, they are played to signal the start and the end of silent meditation cycles; like a route back and forth between the inner and outer conscious realms. 

These bowls are used in religious and spiritual settings, embracing reflection and relaxation. Singing Bowl are mostly used in the healing and treatment of various diseases through sound therapy and meditation.

Sounds of traditional music create a kind of energy medication that is believed to repair and maintain frequencies of the body, mind, and soul. Playing these bowls produces a centering effect, which allows the left and right sides of the human brain to synchronize with each other. 

 There are many Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls: 

  • Promote Deep Relaxation 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety substantially 
  • Lower anger and blood pressure 
  • Improve circulation and increase blood flow 
  • Stress and pain relief 
  • Help You ‘Get In The Zone’ deep peaceful and meditative states 
  • Chakra balancing 
  • Increase mental and emotional clarity 
  • Promote stillness, happiness and well-being. 
  • Stimulate the immune system. 


Relax your body – Calm your mind- Revive your spirit  


Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal  centers on healthy healing and the healer helps to restore balance in the body using therapeutic tool. The bowls create various frequencies, making sounds that resonate with the body. These sounds are being told to have healing effects on body and brain and are going to be extremely calm to mind. In music therapy, meditation, exercise, spiritual services, ease, and physical well-being, singing bowl is used.  

We have various sound healing retreats ranging from an hour to few days. An hour best sound healing costs USD 40. It is ideal for those returned from multi days hike and other to alleviate stress and relief pain.

 For the enthusiastic learner and practitioner, we have 8 hours introductory course with both theory and practical.  


Day Schedules (On Monday on each Week) 

10:00 – 01:00 pm – Music Class Theory and Practical 

01:00 – 02:00 pm – Lunch and Herbal Tea 

01:40 – 05:00 pm – Music Class Theory and Practical 

05:00 pm – Tea Time 

05:20 – 06:50 pm – Singing bowl healing and meditation 


Contact us for the more details  and schedules. Discounts on group healing…


Introductory Singing Bowl Course Cost:  

Private Accommodation – USD 120 PP per person
Sharing Accommodation – USD 110 PP per person 



  • Lunch at 1 pm, Herbal Tea and Drinking Water 
  • Class starts at 10 am 
  • Accommodation at Retreat centre  



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