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Manakamana Cable Car Trip

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Overview of Manakamana Temple:

Manakamana Cablecar Trip is a Hindu pilgrimage site which lies on Kurintar, hillrock near Gokarna. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from different parts of world trip to visit Manakamana Cablecar. So they can pay homage to goddess Manakamana. People believe Goddess  Manakamana grants the pilgrims wishes if we pray her by heart. So she is called “Manakamana” which means “wish of heart”. We weave a route via cable car to the holy temple which therefore takes appropriately 10 minutes. After worshipping and offering our prayers we then return back to Kathmandu.

In the early morning, we pick you up from your hotel Hotel or your door step within Kathmandu Valley.  Four hour drive from Kathmandu takes us to Kurintar and use cable car to reach Manakamana Temple.  The cars goes straight up to the hilltop and comedown scenically, a wonderful experience at pilgrimage site.  Offering our prayers and worshipping goddess Manakamana, we return back to Kathmandu. There is next option of Manakamana Cablecar Trip in Kathmandu which is known as Chandragiri cable car.

Mythical foundation of Manakamana Temple:

The legend of Manakamana Goddess dates back to the reign of the Gorkha king Ram Shah during the 17th century. It is said that his queen possessed divine powers, which only her devotee Lakhan Thapa knew about. One day, the king witnessed his queen in Goddess incarnation, and Lakhan Thapa in the form of a lion. Upon mentioning the revelation to his queen, a mysterious death befell the king.

As per the custom of that time, the queen committed Sati (ritual immolation) on her husband’s funeral pyre. Before her sati the queen had assured Lakhan Thapa that she would reappear in the near future. Six months later, a farmer while ploughing his fields cleaved a stone. From the stone he saw a stream of blood and milk flow. When Lakhan heard an account of this event, he immediately started performing Hindu tantric rituals at the site where the stone had been discovered thus ceasing the flow of blood and milk. Hence the site became the foundation of the present shrine. According to tradition, the priest at the temple must be a descendant of Lakhan Thapa.

Manakamana Cable Car Trip highlights :

  • Pilgrimage tour to sacred Hindu shrine.
  • Scenic ride in a cable car along the hillrock to Gorkha.
  • Panoramic views of Mt. Manaslu, Himalchuli and Annapurna range.
  • A scenic drive at the bank of Trishuli river.
  • Scenic drive from Kathmandu to Kurintar in Prithivi Highway.
  • The beautiful landscape, nice resort and the Trishuli river flowing.
  • The nice villages under the pine forests.
  • The ridges and the terrains on its base.
  • Manakamana, the famous Hindu pilgrimage site.
  • Visit to Gorkha District(This is where the unification of Modern Nepal took place during King Prithvi Narayan Shah).

Trip Price Includes :

  • Tour Guide.
  • Entrance Fees.
  • Surface transportation to the destination.

Tour Price Excludes :

  • Any Private Expenses (Meals, Alcoholic drinks and cold drinks).
  • Travel and Rescue insurance.
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